Goddess of Death


=System of Goddess of Death. Executor: Aphrodia=




Her brain connects to an external brain, which contains lots of names of the dead. Every single name appears in her mind, its owner’s life would be presented as well, just like flowers that only blossom for a moment. Then those memories would fade out, back to the depth of the history. Diligent farmers, devout disciples, scholars craving for knowledge, soldiers killed in a battle, fairy maidens and wrinkled crones——all these people are the same to her, cause Death makes no exception.

At first, she remembers their names by her own remembrance. As the quantity of names grows, she couldn’t remember them all, so she turned to the external brain. Some one should engrave their name, to make them less lonely, and to make their struggle meaningful. And some one should come to their deathbed, to comfort them and tell them that their life is not worthless. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, but they won’t be forgotten.


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